First of all, I’m a keen gardener and love to label my plants, but I don’t have the time or energy to redo the job every year.

As a gardener, does it frustrate you to go to the garden and find the print washed out from your carefully labeled plant markers? Wish you didn’t have to rewrite your labels every spring? Here’s a solution!

My garden labels have lasted ten years through increasingly hot summers and very cold winters. These labels are still easy to read and continue to look as they were the day I put the markers in the ground. They are made of flexible industrial plastic and are coated with an adhesive backing that will stick to almost any surface. Once in place, they don’t fade, smear or peel off.

My labels come in three sizes which fit on many of the garden markers found in nurseries. Or, you can order my markers, which are made of galvanized steel with zinc label bases. These labels can feature up to three lines of information with your choice of typeface. You specify the information required on the label. They are custom made for your garden needs. Go to the labels page to see samples of some of the custom work I can do for you!

Information on ordering and shipping: see the pricing & orders page. Payment can be made through Paypal. When my customers contact me, they can expect numerous exchanges in which we work together to produce a quality product exactly to their specifications.

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 When you receive your order, peel the protective backing off the label and press it into place on the marker. If you prefer, you may order the markers with labels already attached, so that you can take them right out of the box and put them into your garden right away. It’s that easy!